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15W Transmitter Power Amplifier 88-108MHz

The power amplifier boosts 88-108MHZ 1-2W FM transmitter's power to 15 W. It includes multi-level low pass filter and has a high conversion efficiency with strong Yi-wave suppression. With good antena expected transmission coverage is at least 15Km. It uses high power 175 MHZ 4A 25W 2SC1972 RF transistor that must to be mounted to heatsink for proper heat dissipation.

To maintain 88 ~ 108 MHZ with any frequency output reached rating, according to the level before the center frequency of some components to make suitable adjustments. May, when necessary, to reduce low-ball-series, to increase power output. The expansion of the power signals from three low-pass filter Yi-filtered high element of the transmitting antenna feed.

Components choice: In addition to electrolytic capacitor, the other tiles with high-frequency capacitors, C11, C12, C14 use high-frequency characteristics of a good, stable performance of adjustable capacitors, inductors Choke RFC1, RFC2 finished with inductors, must pay attention to the current RFC2 Carrying capacity, should use the coarse diameter Cores with the inductors.

L1-L6 available ř0.8mm the high-intensity enameled wire system, a diameter of about 5 MM, a few laps in the plans to "T" for the units indicated. Q1 ordinary Q9 socket, and supporting the use of plugs. Q2 used for 50 Ω RF output connectors, and then of resistance is smaller, more conducive to impedance matching. Larger effective power more common for the launch of the C1972, of course, especially if you sufficient money to buy blocks C2538 contour of the gain, power will be even greater.

Debug circuit, be sure to pay attention, the power circuit, we must connect false load (I use 30 1 W, 1500 Ω high-precision metal film resistors made parallel), and there must be enough in the cooling devices, normal working hours Power Of not less than 2.5 A, the antenna impedance strictly equivalent to 50 Ω, can not be used Duanbang drawbars antenna, or a strong current of RF feedback circuit will create their own interference, most of RF energy to space and can not be convergence in the consumption of power, to overheating Damage must be launched for 50 Ω coax, tabled Reply to launch outdoor antenna.

Circuit the normal work of the key lies in whether the circuit debugging, the whole process had to very carefully. Debugging, enter only the smaller the incentive power supply voltage drop to 9 V, using high-frequency voltage (can not use ordinary multimeter) monitoring false load at both ends of high-frequency voltage value, regulating C12, C14, L3, L4, L5, L6 So that the voltage range of 15-20 V around, and then adjust C11, L1 voltage to the largest. And then gradually raise the voltage, each raising a voltage repeatedly adjusted C12, C14 and C11, L1 so that the maximum output voltage, noted that the input voltage and RF power simultaneously increasing incentives to ensure the accuracy of the results of debugging. Reach rating, 13.8 V supply voltage of about 2 A current work around, 50 Ω-load resistance at both ends voltage ≥ 40 V, RF power output of 15 W.

With the RF power amplifier with 50 Ω-wide umbrella to the vertical launch antenna (gain of about 2 dB), to ordinary FM radio test fired from the coverage of not less than 15 KM